“It’s when we put it all together that it matters.”

About Jesse Vachon

A multi-genre artist, photographer, designer and conservationist, Jesse’s work visualizes conflict between natural and manmade environments using intimate, emotional imagery evocative of our extraordinarily connected but increasingly socially dissociative world. Jesse explores unifying roots of identity as a continuous journey of self-expression juxtaposed with time, rather than drawing traditional lines against culture, location or traditions.

Recent work seeks to understand cultural and racial stereotypes entrapped by stigma, gender, social conformity, global socialization, identity manipulation, sub-immigration and American consumerism. These concepts are visualized as expressionist works centered on a human response of “emotional recall” which prioritizes physiological and psychological interpretations and memories as paramount to actual events.

Most works depict isolated characters during moments of intense internal reflection or confusion as a means of deconstructing universal emotional truths; core elements of a collective human experience.

From the artist: “I paint sub-reality. Ideas, feelings and psychology twisting and churning beyond the visual artifacts, impeding intuition. Life, art – it’s all about embracing impermanence.”


Visual Protest. Make your mark.